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Review feedback from peers, learners and patients with your direct supervisor or a facilitator. This feedback could be gathered through performance reviews from your colleagues, teaching evaluations or patient surveys. Ask what has worked well for them and their patients.
This may be completed while attending a pharmacy degree program at a Canadian university, or upon completion of your degree. The exam must be successfully completed prior to beginning Level 2 of the online SPT program. Jurisprudence exam results are valid 2 years from the date of successful completion. The Pharmacy Technician Diploma program is in class with an medications from canada emphasis on hands-on lab training with some online courses. Any-time Online - A course delivery mode where learning activity takes place at times and locations of the learners own choosing through the use of online communications technologies. Learners are NOT required to participate in any scheduled learning activities, but scheduled exams may be required.

You will identify the steps to becoming a licensed pharmacy technician in Canada. You will prepare a professional resume, be prepared for job interviews and practicums. You will evaluate your employability skills. You will accurately perform advanced pharmacy calculations essential to safe pharmaceutical practice. You will solve pharmaceutical problems related to dilutions and compounding.
An IMG is an individual (Canadian or non-Canadian) who graduated from a medical school outside of Canada. Labs are responsible for identifying the type of service, the kinds of staffing, the necessary training and the level of supervision required to keep the scope of their work within the standards. You can continue caring for patients normally while your facility is being assessed. A CPSA Assessment Coordinator will be in and out of your lab during the working day.
The majority of these programs are designed as year 1 residency programs. Year 2 residency programs may be completed after successful completion of a year 1 residency program. CPRB-Accredited Residency Programs may choose to confer the designation “ACPR” to graduates of their residency program. The following universities offer Pharmacy programs that have been accredited by The Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs.

Students are responsible for their own transportation in order to complete program requirements which may not be readily accessible by public transportation. These courses and skills may help you succeed academically in this program, but they are not required for admission. Collaborate effectively with members of the healthcare team to support optimal pharmacy practice and inter-professional relations.
You will be introduced to workplace and safety legislation that affects the pharmacy technician. The course content includes an introduction to WHMIS , hand hygiene, needle safety, OH&S requirements and labour standards. You will study the importance of quality assurance in the workplace to ensure safe outcomes for your patients.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of our programs and operations have changed temporarily. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ACP office is closed to the public as our staff work remotely. Click here to see how this impacts our programs and operations. If you anticipate applying for a student loan, your payment will be refunded to you based on your loan award once your funding has been received by BVC. Post-Diploma Certificate Health and Human Services Management Post-Diploma Certificate Become a leader in health and human services. Develop skills and knowledge in management by building on your current health or human services diploma or degree.
You will learn how pharmacy location, layout, merchandising, purchasing, inventory management, pricing, and advertising/promotion contribute to pharmacy operations. You will perform calc

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